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Thank you to everyone who attended i-UG's
final Education Day of the year, 
i-POWER Midlands 2020(Hy)
We had a great day and a big thank you to all the presenters, the i-UG Committee &  the technicians who helped to put it together.
Presentations from the day are now available here for i-UG members to access .


Calendar of i-UG Events announced

i-UG has announced the schedule for its next  events to the end of June 2021.

Following on from our hugely successful first virtual conference in June it is very likely that all these will incorporate some virtual elements and if we are forced to cancel any of them then the events will go ahead as pure virtual events.

So book all these dates in your diary now and let’s all hope that we will be able to meet up in person very soon.

i-POWER Midlands


Thursday 18 March

Hybrid - Mount Hotel


& Online


i-POWER 2021

Tuesday 8 - Wednesday 9


The Park Inn Hotel Northampton

Common Europe's

CEC 2021


13-16 June 2021

Legoland Billund Resort

i-POWER Midlands FREE Education Day - Thursday 10 December


"We had another really great day"

Speakers and topics that were covered:

Steve Bradshaw (Rowton IT) & Tim Edmonds (Dacha)

- Real Life Artificial Intelligence Use Cases Running on IBM POWER Systems

For some while now you have been surrounded by stories of Artificial Intelligence and

promises of Next Generation Applications that are based upon them. 
But when it comes to real-life use cases, especially those that would apply to a typical Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) they have been thin on the ground.
In this session, we will take you on the journey of creating some of these applications and share some of the challenges and advantages we have found along the way.

Steve Bradshaw Cartoon Headshot.JPG

Carol Woodbury (CTO of DXR Security)

- Managing Security using SQL Services

IBM has provided many SQL Services specifically for security...

as well as some that are not-so-obvious but greatly assist the security administrator or compliance officer.  

During this session Carol will provide practical ways of using these Services to manage/administer  security.

Carol Woodbury.jpg

Birgitta Hauser (Independent Database Consultant)

- Generating and Consuming IFS Files and Web-Services with embedded SQL

SQL has become the standard for accessing data in relational databases.

However, today it becomes more and more important to also access data located in the IFS and

write data into the IFS.

And even more important is to exchange data over the Web.

But how to integrate these techniques into RPG? Short answer is, in composition with embedded SQL !

With LOB (Large Object) reference files, it is easy to access data located in the IFS and also to write to the IFS. SQL provides functions for all http methods for accessing web services and creating and consuming JSON and/or XML data.

And the best is … we can embed exploit all these techniques from within RPG.

Birgitta Hauser - Foto 01.jpg

Rudi van Helvoirt (van Helvoirt Automatisering)

- IBM i Services Practical Examples


Since the introduction of IBM i services every new TR increases the number of IBM i services. With every new TR there are several new enhancements too. When to use them? How to use them? Which do I use. All this makes you dazzle leaving you behind with the main question: "Where do I start?" In this deep dive we will get you started with entering the world of IBM i Services. By showing examples of what can be used to make your life as a system manager easier.

Rudi van Helvoirt.png

Andy Youens (Formaserve)

- What are Containers on IBM i

In this session, Andy will address all these questions....

- What are containers?

- What are containers on IBM i, and how different are they.

- How do we create containers

- How do we install software into containers

- Using containers

- How do we manage containers, save & restore, use utilities within a container

- What are the Pro’s & Con’s of containers – should I use them?

- What about support?

Andy Youens.jpg

David Spurway (IBM)

- The current IBM i Roadmap 

(including the latest news on the POWER9 G models and the up-coming POWER10 servers)

The POWER10 processors were announced to the world in August, and the new versions of the IBM POWER9 Scale Out servers were announced the month before. What can these announcements tell us about the strong roadmap for IBM Power Systems and IBM i?

The future is bright, so come and hear from David Spurway, as he shares what we know now, what we can expect in the coming year, and beyond!"

David Spurway of IBM.jpg

Thank you to everyone who attended International i-Power (v) 2020 in June, all the presenters, fantastic sponsors & the volunteers who helped in the background make it run seamlessly. 

It was a great conference and thank you to everyone who helped the IBM i Community to raise an amazing £20,430 + gift aid for NHS Charities Together.

If you are an i-UG Member, the presentations from the conference are available here but you will need a password. If you don't have it, please contact us.

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We are a not-for-profit organisation that meets up to 4 times per year for events throughout the UK.

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    i-POWER Midlands 2021

    i-UG's first meeting of 2021 will be in March with i-POWER Midlands Hybrid at

    The Mount Hotel, Wolverhampton and online.

    Put Thursday 18th March 2021 in your diary now.

    The hotel address is:

    The Mount Hotel

    Mount Road

    Tettenhall Wood

    WV6 8HL

    Tel: (+44) 01902 752055


  • International i-Power 2021

    i-UG's 2021 Flagship Conference will be at the Park Inn Hotel in Northampton. This will be our first event at this location so we are really excited..

    Put Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th June 20 in your diary now.

    The hotel address is:

    Park Inn by Radisson Hotel

    Northampton Town Centre
    Silver Street,


    NN1 2TA,

    United Kingdom
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