Presentations from the meetings held in February/March 2019 at
The Norton Grange Hotel Rochdale & IBM Southbank in London.


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Mike Ryan - Essist Omikron Group
(i-UG Chairman)
(awaiting presentation)




Steve Bradshaw (Rowton IT).png
How Healthy is Your IBM i Server

Steve Bradshaw - Rowton IT

(i-UG Technical Director)



Nick Blamey.jpg
Bringing DevOps into the RPG and IBMi World; Ideas, Trends, Potential Challenges and Resulting Business Value

Nick Blamey - ARCAD Director of Northern European Operations




David Spurway of IBM.jpg
Those older versions of IBM i & POWER were great, but the time has come to move up to POWER9!
David Spurway
- IBM Power Systems Product Manager




Ross Cruickshank of IBM.jpg
Chris Parsons of IBM.jpg
AI and Machine Learning for mortals


Ross Cruickshank (IBM) 

Chris Parsons (IBM)




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