Presentations from International i-Power 2019

Held in Milton Keynes

Click on the links below to access the corresponding presentation.

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Day 1 Workshops

Ross Cruickshank of IBM.jpg
AI - A Real World Example
Ross Cruickshank (IBM)
Performance Data Investigator
Morten B Rasmussen (IBM)
Andy Youens.jpg
From Zero to Production with Node.js
Andy Youens (FormaServe Systems)
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Chris Fenn.jpg
Db2 Web Query for i
Chris Fenn (Redbourn)

Day 2 Sessions

Hosted User Experience Panel 
Mike Ryan
User Presentation 1 - Cloud
User Presentation 2 - HMRC - User Presentation
  Andy Youens
S.T.E.M. Initiative
Mike Ryan
Schools Build a Plane
Tony Cotton
16 Ways of Accessing Data by Key
Kaare Plesner (iPerformance ApS)
Rudi van Helvoirt.png
John Taylor.jpg
Customer Care with IBM Watson
John Taylor (Typex Group)
Steve Bradshaw.jpg
Things i Love about 7.4
Steve Bradshaw (Rowton IT)
What's New in  IBM i Security
Carol Woodbury (Help Systems)
Microservice Software Development
Niels Liisberg (System & Method)
What's New in RPG
Jon Paris
Mulit-Factor Authentication
  (Awaiting Presentation)
Guy Marmorat (Syncsort)


Alison Butterill.jpg
Hidden Gems
Alison Butterill (IBM)
Pete Samways.jpg
Set Your RPG free
Tracy Eastwood
Chris Bremer.jpg
Back-up Solutions for IBM i
Chris Bremer (Dynamic Solutions)
What you need to know about AI & Cognitive Systems
  (Awaiting Presentation)
Pascal Polverini (Fresche Solutions)