We are a not-for-profit organisation that meets up to 4 times per year for a one day conference. This offers members the opportunity to listen to top level speakers from: IBM, Business Partners, the vendor community and users themselves and gather real information to assist in key decision making about IT and business in general. From the AS/400 through the iSeries, on through System i and Power Systems, our members are kept up-to-date with IBM thinking and technology emergence that is relevant to their businesses. 



Each event is held in a relaxed atmosphere, covers a wide agenda and is punctuated by opportunities for you to mingle with other members over coffee and a 3 course lunch; all for a remarkably low annual membership fee. The agendas are actually compiled by listening to the current needs of the members, this way we ensure the content is always relevant. Some of the areas covered at recent events have been:


  • IBM announcements

  • Data security

  • 24 x 7 Operations

  • Infrastructure considerations

  • Pervasive technologies

  • Compliance management

  • Information management tools


(A sample of previous agendas from earlier meetings is available from the Main Menu).


i-UG represents one of the very few opportunities to get community and technical information on the "i" platform without having to break the bank and be away from the office for extended periods.



Flagship Events


In 2008, to broaden our appeal, we made the decision to hold a much larger annual "Flagship" event where we could target "i" users from outside our traditional geographical areas.  We knew that we would need outside help so we took the decision to join forces with NC Communications. With their marketing resources and event management skills, we have now held several of these highly successful events:


  • Scoring With Power - Old Trafford (October 2008)

  • iFidelity - Manchester Conference Centre (April 2009)

  • Power SHiFT - City of Manchester Stadium (October 2010)

  • International POWER - Center of London (November 2011)

  • International POWER - Center of London (November 2012)

  • International POWER - Milton Keynes  (November 2013)

  • International i-POWER - Old Windsor (September 2014)

  • International i-POWER - Wyboston Lakes (June 2015)

  • International i-POWER - Wyboston Lakes (June 2016)

  • International i-POWER - Milton Keynes  (June 2017)

  • International i-POWER - Milton Keynes (June 2018)

  • International i-POWER - Milton Keynes (June 2019)

  • 2020?

We are delighted that each of these were extremely well received, resulting in several new members joining the group.


i-UG  in 2019


Until October 2010, i-UG - then known as NiSUG - was an entirely independant organisation and our members were primarily based in the North of England around the M62 corridoor.  However in October 2010 we became affiliated with the biggest IBM user group in Europe - Common Europe (CE).


At the annual event in Windsor, 2014, NiSUG brought the CUA into the organisation and formed i-UG, now the only IBM i User Group inthe UK.


i-UG is now the official representative of Common Europe (CE) in the UK and as part of this affiliation, i-UG is now a national organisation available to companies and individuals throughout England, Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland.  This affiliation brings several benefits to the group:


- As a member of CE, we have much more influence in the way IBM takes System "i". This will be primarily via its Common Europe Advisory Council (CEAC) comprising representatives of each country. We also have greater access to high quality presenters from IBM in Rochester.



Our Membership


i-UG members all have one thing in common - their companies depend on the IBM Power servers running the IBM i operating system (a.k.a. iSeries or AS/400) that run their businesses.  They come from a wide range of industries and the size of their companies vary from quite small to large corporates.  This range of membership adds great value to the networking that goes on between presentations. We also have roughly an equal number of vendors and end user companies. Some companies send a single delegate but some choose to send two or three. The choice is up to them.


Membership Fees


We pride ourselves in providing extremely good value for money. Our members certainly think so and many have been with us since we started.

For more information on our 3 levels of membership and how to join, simply click here

I'M A 



"I had no idea that this kind of group existed.  After one visit to a local i-UG conference I realised what I was missing and so I joined straight away.  The information and education I received has been invaluable both to me and my company - and at a fraction of the cost of trying to source this education myself!"