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Day 1 - Workshops

The following workshop details are subject to change
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W.S.1 (morning)

 Time 9.30am to 12.15pm

AI - A Real World Example

Ross Cruickshank

We have heard much about IBM and AI.  We have also heard and learned about the easy ways in which we can link our applications to services running on Watson.

However, aside from doggies and chocolate wrapper image recognition, what we need is some real-world examples of using this immense technology which can be deployed NOW and give our businesses a real advantage.   


So, following up on Member feedback, the i-UG team has looked into various ways in which this technology could be deployed that may be less glamorous than the current headliners but can give real-world value to our businesses. 


In this Lab, you will learn how use Watson to: - 

  • Facilitate Instant Language Text Translation

  • Allow a user to speak and determine their requirement

  • Automate Password re-instatement – automatically and safely

  • Link to external Web sources…

  • …and more 

Right from you favourite IBM i on POWER

Ross Cruickshank of IBM.jpg

W.S.1 (afternoon)

  Time 13.15 to 16.00

AI - A real World Example

(A REPEAT of the morning workshop)

Ross Cruickshank

In anticipation that this will be a very popular workshop, this is a REPEAT of the morning

workshop .


W.S.2 (morning)

Time 9.30am to 12.15pm

IBMi performance Monitoring using PDi in Navigator for i

Morten will re-introduce us to the Performance monitoring and Alerting that comes FREE with the operating system and has done so much to help in the understaning of how we can get the very best out of the POWER systems.

He will cover such items as 'Best Practise of Memory Optimization' which includes how to tune the pools , the IBM i feature that help with memory tuning (i.e. expert cache, performance adjust, keep in memory, etc), and how to identify what is consuming so much of he memory pools with suggestions on how to reduce the footprint. It's been real popular to all audiences. 


The session also covers a Re-Introduction to 'IBM i Performance Analysis Methodology', which covers the mainstream performance analysis path from collection services through job watcher.

Morten Buur


Andy Youens.jpg

 W.S.2 (afternoon)

  Time 13.15 to 16.00

Zero to Production with Node on i: 

In this workshop we will be working through how to get a full blown Open Source application up & running on an IBM i.


We will run through all the stages necessary to install Open Source software, even if there is none there initially.


Additionally, we will show how we can use GIT on the i to provide software source control.


In the final part of this workshop we will develop a multi-page website to call open source applications.


 It's easy to get started with Node on i - this workshop is intended to help you get to production.

Andy Youens

Rudi van Helvoirt.png

W.S.3 (morning)

  Time 9.30am to 12.15pm

Advanced Job Scheduler

Rudi van Helvoirt

Are you still using the WRKJOBSCDE to schedule your jobs?


In this session you will see why you need something more advanced. By discovering the features of the AJS, you will understand why it is called the Advanced Job Scheduler. This is a must have for the modern IBM i Systems Manager.

As they say "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" and in this workshop you will have your first bite of the Advanced Job Scheduler..... You will love the sweetness of it!

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W.S.3 (afternoon)

  Time 13.15 to 16.00

IBM DB2 Web Query for i - A Beginner's "Hands On" Workshop

Chris Fenn



IBM® DB2® Web Query for i provides a web-based query and reporting solution for IBM i with extensions into Business Intelligence.  This solution turns data into information, delivering actionable information to business users in the forms they need it in.  Timely information enables users to make business decisions that can drive revenues, reduce costs, and improve productivity. The DB2 Web Query development tools and end-user presentation are modern, web-based, low-cost and a low-maintenance solution.


This classroom workshop will cover:


  • An Introduction to IBM® DB2® Web Query for i

  • Product Installation

  • Introduction to Metadata

  • Reports Workshop

  • Output Options

  • Other Key Features

  • Q&A

Carol Woodbury.jpg



W.S.4 (all day)

  Time 9.30 to 16.00

IBM i Security Workshop

IBM i security is a scary subject for many, but it doesn’t have to be.  Join Carol Woodbury for an in-depth day of security education prior to International i-Power.  During this advanced session Carol will teach aspects of IBM i security that are rarely covered elsewhere, including:


Getting the Most Out of Your Audit Journal

You may know about the audit journal and use it occasionally but this presentation will explain fields and information that you may not be aware of – information that can be used to debug failures, determine how a profile is being used, determine the source of an attack and more.  Also included will be a discussion of the view of the audit journal in QSYS2 and how it can be used.


Practical Uses of the Authority Collection

Added in V7R3, this feature helps you determine EXACTLY what authority is required to each object being accessed by a specific user.  During this session Carol will discuss how and when to enable the Authority Collection and some insights into reading and interpreting the Authority Collection information based on using it with her clients and ways to apply this information.


Passwords – Love them or Leave them

If your organisation embraces the use of passwords, then you must learn to ‘love’ passwords and make them as strong as possible.  Carol will describe the features IBM i provides to implement strong passwords, including moving to a higher password level.  If you want to ‘Leave’ passwords, then you’ll be interested in the discussion on the features IBM i provides for implementing SSO – Single Sign-on.


Lessons Learned from an IBM i Hack

Yes, an IBM i has been breached!   During this session Carol will describe what the administrator did that allowed this breach to occur.   Carol will then discuss the steps you can take to protect your system and your data so these mistakes aren’t repeated in your organisation!


By the end of the day attendees will be better suited to suggest security improvements for their own IBM i environments.

Come prepared to expand your understanding of IBM i Security