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Session Title:  IBM i Skills Gap

Presented By: Donnie MacColl

IBM i skills depletion is a top concern for IBM i shops around the world. How can you prepare to handle your IBM i experts departure when they move on or retire?

It’s likely your IBM i experts have been  managing all areas of your business-critical systems for decades. Everything from IT operations to data and application security. However, they often use homegrown tools that don’t have the documentation or the features you need to move forward when these experts leave the building.  The strategies you’ll discover during this short session will help you ensure that your IBM i continues to deliver a powerful business advantage, including:

  • Educate and mentor the next generation of experts

  • Automate manual application and system processes

  • Consolidate monitoring into a single, graphical display

  • Secure the system against data loss and viruses

  • Fill security knowledge gaps with help from the experts