Session Title: IBM PowerAI Vision

– Data Science Made Easy…

Presented ByLionel Butler

Undercooking the value of Data Science is a risky game to play. Without a balanced and fair model the true value in data could be lost, of worse, badly misrepresented. Industry has however been looking for ways to unlock potential insights without the need for lengthy projects with high setup costs. With much of the available data being visual, tooling to help subject experts get the most out of their images and videos, without the need for a data science team would be a huge leap forward.


IBM PowerAI Vision is a toolkit built upon the ability of IBM POWER Systems with GPU accelerated performance (AC922). The combined solution stack means image classifiers and object detection models can be created without the need for any coding, just your expertise in the data being analysed. In this session we will explore the IBM platform, capabilities of the tools and how this is being delivered to the market by Meridian IT.