Session Title:  What's New in RPG 

Presented By: Jon Paris

The V7 releases of RPG have radically changed the language. Among other new features, you can now code file and data declarations completely free format. And along with that comes the ability to code completely free format RPG with NO 80 column restrictions!

Other updates to be covered include:

•   Extensions to RPG's error handling model, which make it much simpler to ensure that things are "tidied up" in the event of an exception.

•   New direct inline coding eases the coding (and subsequent understanding of) nested Data Structures in free format.

•   Performance improvements for large return values that can make your subprocedures easier to deploy as web services.

•   Support For Alias Names

•   New and Updated BIFs - Including Scan/Replace, Minimum and Maximum

•   Plus DATA-INTO and more ...