As i-UG is a Not For Profit Unincorporated Association we try to keep the rules of the organization to a minimum.  


However we have a strong ethos within the group of Education, Information and Communication and we have adopted a number of documents and guidelines to protect this ethos. These  describe how the group operates and what we expect from members, delegates, presenters & sponsors etc. Each of these documents is fully available to everyone for downloading at any time.


1) The i-UG Constitution (Governing Document) 2019...pdf

This document explains how i-UG operates and gives a brief history.

2) i-UG Organisation Bylaws 2019...pdf

This document explains the roles of the i-UG Board & Committee(s)


3) i-UG Guidelines - Basic, Speaker, Sponsor & Vendor Member...pdf

This document explains what the group expects from from its members and people who attend our meeings..


4) i-UG Vendor Speaker Advisory Notes ...pdf

This document is meant to help speakers prepare for their presentations and workshops. It gives information to be able to target the audience so both the delegates and the speaker gain maximum benefit.

5) Power System Loan Agreement Document...pdf

This document should be completed & returned if you would like to take part in i-UG's Power System loan project.

6) Ii-P 2021 Call For Papers ...pdf

This document describes the types of presentations and workshops that we are looking for at the International i-Power conference.


7) Ii-P 2021 Speaker Submission Form ....word document

This document should be completed if you would like to submit a suggestion for a presentation/workshop at the International i-Power conference.