Mike Ryan

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Company Name: 


Essist Omikron




How long have you been a member of i-UG: 


15 years


Why did you join i-UG?


In the early days, it was one of the very few groups where small shops like us got any chance to get information on the Industry. These days this has morphed into both the key areas for my team to get education and to hear other user’s experiences. I, of course, am currently the Chairman of the group and the main reason I continue with the group is because I thoroughly enjoy being able to assist many others to get the same benefits that I have enjoyed through my membership.


How has being part of i-UG helped you within your career?


As well as always being aware of what is current and important in our sector of the industry, I have benefitted greatly from knowing that others in the industry have, pretty much, the same issues I have and are more than willing to share their experiences.


Without the benefit of the information gained through i-UG, I would still be persisting with older ideas and tools like SEU instead of RDI, Client Access instead of ACS, Internal disk instead of SAN technology etc. I’d probably also be unaware of the wide range of tools, partners and service providers that make delivering IT on IBM POWER running i so secure and successful. On top of this, I’ve probably spoken to, or have knowledge of, someone in the group that has a view on these tools and services – wart’s and all!


Has being part of i-UG brought any new business?


That’s a difficult one for me personally as I am a service provider in the industry. There is no direct new business from members in the group – indeed, the profile of the membership does not fit the profile for my business - but I can honestly say that without the knowledge gained specifically from attending i-UG conferences, I would not have been able to grow my business as positively as we have.


What topics have you been most interested in learning about?


Hardware – particularly storage, data manipulation and analysis, security at all levels and, maybe most importantly, governance and industry trends.


If you had to describe i-UG in 3 words what would it be?


Educational – Entertaining – Essential