Steve Bradshaw

Company Name: 


Rowton IT


How long have you been a member of i-UG: 


9 years


Why did you join i-UG?


I wanted to keep up to date with what was going on with IBM i and to find out what other people were doing with their systems. At the time IBM’s own briefing sessions were starting to move on line an in this period a lot of the personal element was lost. Finding a user group where you can actually talk to the experts face to face, ask them your own questions and get a personalised answer was a god send


How has being part of i-UG helped you within your career?


Without a doubt, not only have I learnt a host of new skills, I now have a network of contacts that are experts in specific areas, many of these folks are now real friends, ones who’s advice a both value and rely upon in my everyday working life.


Has being part of i-UG brought any new business?

Let me start by saying it has brought me a lot of work, not necessarily the paying kind, as a volunteer organiser and presenter, there is a huge amount of work we do behind the scenes to keep the i-UG operating. That said, a lot of this effort involved feels more like fun than work. One thing is for sure, I laugh a lot more when working on i-UG projects that I do my day job.


But, putting aside the volunteer work, yes I can say that I have gained more business for my company, I don’t think my company would offer the training services that they do if it wasn’t for my time with the i-UG.


What topics have you been most interested in learning about?


How different companies use their servers. You would not think it possible that so many companies many to get the same piece of equipment to work in so many different ways. It’s truly amazing and a constant source of inspiration for me and my team.

If you had to describe i-UG in  3 words what would it be?


Informal, Informative, Inspiring