Workshop Title:  Embedded SQL in RPG

- Beyond the Basics 

Presented By: Paul Tuohy

You have been using embedded SQL in RPG. You have mastered the syntax, tried a few selects, declared a cursor, performed an update - you may even have tried some dynamic SQL!

Time to take it to the next stage and see what you can do with embedded SQL - beyond the basics.

Topics covered in this session include:-

•         Discussion of the key points in writing powerful embedded SQL

•         What tools should you use to write and test SQL prior to embedding it?

•         Controlling CRTSQLRPGI

•         SQLCA and SQLCODE considerations

•         Getting data without SELECT - GET DIAGNOSTICS and VALUES INTO

•         Talking to Watson with Embedded SQL

•         Mastering Multi Row Fetch

•         Handling NULL

•         Dates, Times and Timestamps

Prerequisite: This session assumes you are familiar with the basics of embedding SQL into RPG programs, including the use of SQL cursors.