Workshop Title:  Extending RPG: With Data-Into

Presented By: Jon Paris

Extending RPG: With …

A pair of sessions offered by Jon Paris.

In recent years IBM has taken a new approach to enhancing RPG. In addition to adding new features to the language, they have also opened the doors to allow us to extend the language into new areas.

In this second session he will discuss the latest addition to the family - Data-Into. While these sessions share a common theme, each is an independent session - they do not prereq each other. 

Extending RPG: With Open Access (OA)

DATA-INTO represents IBM's response for requests to provide a JSON equivalent to XML-INTO. Luckily for us IBM resisted the temptation to simply provide JSON capabilities and instead gave us an extensible option for processing any kind of structured data. From JSON to name/value to CSV data - DATA-INTO gives you the ability to handle them all.

In this session Jon will explain the DATA-INTO handlers that IBM provides with the compiler, and  the basics of writing your own handlers. He will also introduce you to Scott Klement's YAJL based DATA-INTO parser for JSON