Workshop Title:  ILE:Procedures, Modules & SRVPGMS by Example

Presented By: Susan Gantner

ILE brought with it the topics of procedures, modules, service programs, binding directories and binder language - not to mention activation groups. It can get confusing!

In this interactive session, Susan will walk through a step by step demonstration of the following topics. In the process, we'll discover some of the problems that can occur - what they look like and how to fix or avoid them:

•   Creating a (very) simple RPG procedure in a module

•   How (and why) to put that module into a service program

•   How (and why) to create a binding directory and

•   How to use the binding directory to create programs to use our procedure

•   Add a new procedure to the same module and service program

•   Tips for testing procedures in service programs

•   How to maintain the service program over time - including how to use binder language to avoid signature violations!