Tony Cotton

Company Name: 




How long have you been a member of i-UG: 


7 years


Why did you join i-UG?


To keep abreast of developments in the world of the i-series, and to see how the data carried by it can be used to develop our business.


How has being part of i-UG helped you within your career?


Better understanding of the system, and its capabilities. the reinforcement of the benefits of the i-series enables me to be more robust in advancing its business case, principally in the areas of reliability and security


Has being part of i-UG brought any new business?

Yes, it is a cost-effective way of maintaining the i-series advantages in our operation. The sessions are not just i-Series, the general business IT and IT development sessions are a valuable update. 


If you had to describe i-UG in  3 words what would it be?


 Spreading valuable knowledge 

i-UG A User Group for IBM i on Power

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