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M81 is an independent software house (ISV) specialised in the development of IBM i system management products.

The two main products are :

(1) "FLASH for i" : generates in less than 2 minutes a complete “clone” partition from a Production IBM i partition. Objective : to make hot backups (including Save21 and BRMS backups) or to run tests, validations, queries, training environments, ...

(2) "CONTROL for i" : enriches Open-Source monitoring solutions (as Nagios or many others) to be able to monitor ALL what is running in an IBM i partition.

These products are easy to implement and operate. More than 100 customers (including large Retail, Logistic, Banks, Industry firms, in many countries, with almost 1000 IBM i partitions) already rely on the products of Pascal Ruckebusch (the company founder)

Products are sold through trained local partners and are supported by a team of experienced M81 developers and consultants.

Headquarters are in Lyon (France), its business is worldwide.