Workshop Title:  Advanced IBM i Security

Presented By:  Carol Woodbury

IBM i security is a scary subject for many, but it doesn’t have to be.  Join Carol Woodbury for an in-depth day of security education prior to International i-Power.  During this advanced session Carol will teach aspects of IBM i security that are rarely covered elsewhere, including:


Getting the Most Out of Your Audit Journal

You may know about the audit journal and use it occasionally but this presentation will explain fields and information that you may not be aware of – information that can be used to debug failures, determine how a profile is being used, determine the source of an attack and more.  Also included will be a discussion of the view of the audit journal in QSYS2 and how it can be used.


Practical Uses of the Authority Collection

Added in V7R3, this feature helps you determine EXACTLY what authority is required to each object being accessed by a specific user.  During this session Carol will discuss how and when to enable the Authority Collection and some insights into reading and interpreting the Authority Collection information based on using it with her clients and ways to apply this information.


Passwords – Love them or Leave them

If your organisation embraces the use of passwords, then you must learn to ‘love’ passwords and make them as strong as possible.  Carol will describe the features IBM i provides to implement strong passwords, including moving to a higher password level.  If you want to ‘Leave’ passwords, then you’ll be interested in the discussion on the features IBM i provides for implementing SSO – Single Sign-on.


Lessons Learned from an IBM i Hack

Yes, an IBM i has been breached!   During this session Carol will describe what the administrator did that allowed this breach to occur.   Carol will then discuss the steps you can take to protect your system and your data so these mistakes aren’t repeated in your organisation!


By the end of the day attendees will be better suited to suggest security improvements for their own IBM i environments.

Come prepared to expand your understanding of IBM i Security!