Workshop Title:  AI - A Real World Example

Presenter: Ross Cruickshank of IBM

We have heard much about IBM and AI.  We have also heard and learned about the easy ways in which we can link our applications to services running on Watson.

However, aside from doggies and chocolate wrapper image recognition, what we need is some real-world examples of using this immense technology which can be deployed NOW and give our businesses a real advantage.   


So, following up on Member feedback, the i-UG team has looked into various ways in which this technology could be deployed that may be less glamorous than the current headliners but can give real-world value to our businesses. 


In this Lab, you will learn how use Watson to: - 

  • Facilitate Instant Language Text Translation

  • Allow a user to speak and determine their requirement

  • Automate Password re-instatement – automatically and safely

  • Link to external Web sources…

  • …and more 

Right from you favourite IBM i on POWER