Workshop Title:  IBM i Performance Monitoring using PDi in Navigator for i

Presenter: Morten Buur Rasmussen (IBM i Performance Consultant)

Morten will re-introduce us to the Performance monitoring and Alerting that comes FREE with the operating system and has done so much to help in the understanding of how we can get the very best out of the POWER systems.

He will cover such items as 'Best Practise of Memory Optimisation' which includes how to tune the pools , the IBM i feature that help with memory tuning (i.e. expert cache, performance adjust, keep in memory, etc), and how to identify what is consuming so much of he memory pools with suggestions on how to reduce the footprint. It's been real popular to all audiences. 


The session also covers a Re-Introduction to 'IBM i Performance Analysis Methodology', which covers the mainstream performance analysis path from collection services through job watcher