If you are interested in joining the group, click here to complete the membership form, indicating which level of membership you require.


Vendor Membership is charged at a flat, annual rate of  £450.


This is a low-cost sponsorship option for vendor members. In addition to allowing you greater visibility within the group, we believe the additional revenue received, will enable us to keep membership costs to a minimum.


The Vendor Membership category is designed to encourage sponsorship, by a limited number of vendors. It will have all the benefits of Company Membership but for a total price of only £450 you will also receive:


  • Your company logo on the Home Page of the i-UG web site with a link to your preferred landing page

  • Your company logo on the splash screen displayed between sessions at all standard events

  • Priority invitations to sponsor larger events

  • Incorporation into the i-UG Vendor Advisory Group

Please note that if you have already paid your Company Membership fee, you can upgrade to Vendor Membership at any time of the year by simply paying the difference.


Company Membership is charged at a flat,

annual rate of  £350.


This allows a company to bring up to 3 individuals from the same company to join the User Group.



Individual Membership is charged at a flat, annual rate of £180.00


This allows one, named individual to become a member of the User Group.


Membership is on a 12 month rolling period so no matter what time of year you join you will always be entitled to a full 12 months membership.

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